New EHR Survey shows users want more than just the basics

A recent survey by Software Advice, in collaboration with Research Now Healthcare, found that many of the most common concerns for prospective EHR buyers are no longer such overwhelming problems for current users. The ongoing survey has collected responses from over five hundred EHR users to date.

The results show that 58% of users had little or no problem with the costs of supporting the system. 49% believed that learning to use the EHR posed little, if any, challenge. In addition, achieving government Meaningful Use standards was little or no problem for 61% of users. These numbers suggest that several of prospective buyers’ most pressing concerns are not echoed by current users– in other words, EHRs tend to work better in these areas than many non-users expect.

The survey also found that 50% of users thought that reduced productivity was a moderate or major challenge. Another 55% felt the same about integration with other systems. Customization was a major problem for 20% of users and a moderate problem for another 29%.

Interestingly, many of the major challenges presented by the study are Praxis EMR’s major strengths. Among its users Praxis has allowed for a major increase in productivity by decreasing the time needed to document cases. One of the key features of Praxis is its ability to smoothly connect to all users in the Praxis network to one another, as well as to pharmacies, labs, and other administrative services. Praxis was founded on the basis that each doctor practices uniquely and deserves a system they can personalize without the use of a template.

The overall results of the survey suggest that EHR users are more satisfied than they have been in the past with basic EHR functions. They are now beginning to seek more advanced features, such as personalization and better interoperability with other tools. Overall, it is clear that physicians are becoming more comfortable with the EHR basics and beginning to demand more of their technology.

See the survey here.