AAFP Physicians Give Praxis EMR Highest Rating when Switching EHRs

Praxis EMR is the Number One Rated EHR in Major User Satisfaction Surveys for 2015

AAFP Physicians Give Praxis EMR Highest Rating when Switching EHRs; Black Book Ranks Praxis Number One Overall in Solo and 2-5 Physician Practices

Praxis EMR, an award-winning developer of electronic medical records (EMR/EHR) software received the highest satisfaction ratings in two major physician-user surveys released independently by the AmericanAcademy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and Black BookMarket Research in 2015.

The AmericanAcademy of Family Physicians ranked Praxis EMR the #1 EHR by physicians in its survey “Physicians Who have Switched EHRs.”  Praxis EMR ranked first place in physician satisfaction when doctors were asked to rate their new system after having switched EHRs.  Praxis EMR outranked 73 other systems, with the largest percentage of physicians who strongly agreed, “I am happy with our new EHR system.”

The EHR Switch Survey studied physicians who have changed EHR systems since 2010 and evaluated their overall satisfaction after changing.  The survey by Robert L. Edsall and Kenneth G. Adler, MD, of Family Practice Management (FPM) sought to understand the key factors driving practices to change EHRs.  The report outlines key challenges physicians encounter when changing EHRs, and examines whether changing EHRs leads to improved EHR performance and satisfaction.

“While our sample is too small to suggest winners and losers in the EHR marketplace, we do see some suggestive numbers,” explain Edsall and Adler. “EpicCare Ambulatory and Praxis had the most net gains in customers among our respondents.” However, when user satisfaction was compared between the two EHRs, the difference in satisfaction was compelling.  Praxis eclipsed Epic and outranked all other EHR systems.

Black Book Market Research also named Praxis EMR the #1 EHR in overall user satisfaction for 2015.  Black Book is recognized as an unbiased source for polling, market research and client experience. Praxis earned the highest ratings of the year in overall user satisfaction among Solo Physicians and in 2-5 Physician Practices across all specialties of medicine, as well ranking #1 for the entire Internal Medicine specialty.

“Praxis is the only EMR not based on templates, and this is why physicians prefer it to other EMRs” said Doctor Richard Low, CEO of Praxis EMR. “Most EHRs turn doctors into data-entry clerks, forcing them to use rigid templates in order to document complex medical situations.  Medicine is an art and no two doctors practice the same way.  This is why templates do not work in medicine,” said Dr. Low.

The difference between Praxis EMR and template-based EHRs is its ability to adapt to each physician user’s unique methodology.  Rather than using pre-loaded templates, Praxis uses artificial intelligence technology that learns from each user to chart progressively faster and more effectively.

“As medical students, physicians studied medicine, not data-entry,” said John Davis, M.D., owner of Grayson Valley Family Medicine, P.C., and Praxis EMR client.  “Template EHRs force us to check boxes and fill in the blanks, and that’s demeaning.” added Dr. Davis.  “With Praxis, I’ve found an EMR that helps me provide better care to my patients, meeting my own standard of care.”

“An EHR should be about helping physicians practice better medicine their own way” emphasizes Doctor Low.  “At Praxis, we believe that maintaining usability and freedom while charting is essential to improving medical quality, lowering costs, and improving physicians’ income.”

About Praxis EMR

Award-winning Praxis EMR is the leading innovator of Electronic Medical Records, serving thousands of physician-users.  Instead of relying on templates, Praxis utilizes intelligent technology that self-learns while users documents in free text.   Praxis’ focus on clinical usability consistently earns it top ratings in physician user satisfaction surveys.  View the Praxis demo: www.praxisemr.com.